About FIN-403

FIN-403 is an encapsulated, orally-administered, whole-community microbiota therapy for recurrent C. difficile infections. FIN-403 incorporates Finch’s proprietary Aquashell™ formulation and Phloral, a dual-acting, targeted release technology licensed from Intract Pharma. Together, these technologies enable the oral administration and targeted release of a broad spectrum of healthy gut microflora. Through its collaboration with OpenBiome, Finch is building on the quality systems and biomanufacturing experience that has already been used to provide over 20,000 treatments for recurrent C. difficile infections. Finch has completed a successful dose-finding study with FIN-403 and will be launching a Phase 2 placebo-controlled study of FIN-403 in the second half of 2017.


We plan to launch a randomized controlled trial of FIN-403 in recurrent C. difficile patients starting in the second half of 2017. If you are interested in working with us on this trial to help advance this new field of medicine, please tell us more about your practice and we'll reach out as we begin preparing for the study.