The Finch Therapeutics & Microbiome Health Research Institute (MHRI) Seminar Series

The Finch & MHRI Seminar Series is a series of monthly discussions for our employees on diverse topics in microbiome research, jointly hosted by Finch Therapeutics and the Microbiome Health Research Institute (d.b.a. OpenBiome). The seminar series features the work of scientific experts on subjects including basic microbiome research, human disease and the microbiome, and microbial therapeutics. Each seminar will comprise two halves: a brief, non-technical summary of the speaker's work, and a technical research talk.







January 12, 2018





Faazil Kassam, Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences


Faazil will give a talk on: "Does the Gut Microbiome influence the Development of Eye Disease in Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease?"


December 12, 2018


Karen Kieser, postdoctoral fellow in the Kagan Lab at Harvard Medical School & Boston Children's Hospital


Karen discussed the relationship between microbes and the immune system and presented her work on the role of bacterial outer membrane vesicles (OMVs) in regulating the inflammasome in macrophages. 


Tami Lieberman


Tami Lieberman, Asst Prof of Medical Engineering and Science, and Civil and Environmental Engineering, MIT (Jan 2018)


Tami will be giving an in-depth research talk about her work on bacterial adaptation within the digestive tract of OpenBiome donors as part of the Finch-MHRI Seminar Series. 
For more info on Professor Lieberman's research, see:


DAve VanInsberghe

August 15, 2017




Dave Vaninsberghe, PhD candidate, Polz Lab at MIT


Dave spoke about the diarrheal illnesses drive susceptibility to asymptomatic Clostridium difficile colonization.