Finch Therapeutics and Intract Pharma Announce Collaboration to Enable Targeted Delivery of Microbial Communities


London, UK and Somerville, MA - Finch Therapeutics, Inc., a microbiome therapeutics company based in Somerville, MA, and Intract Pharma, an oral drug delivery company based in London, UK, today announced that Finch will use Intract's Phloral® technology to develop a capsule for the  targeted delivery of microbial communities into the colon.

Phloral is the world’s only dual-action system for precise and reliable delivery to the large intestine, the predominant site of the gut microbiome. Traditional approaches to colon- targeting rely on a single mechanism to initiate drug release, such as changes in gastrointestinal pH, enzymatic activity, or prolonged transit time. However, given the considerable degree of individual variability in these parameters, these systems often fail, with drug release occurring prematurely, or in many cases, not at all. Phloral combines a pH-responsive polymer and natural polysaccharide as independent but complementary release mechanisms for fail-safe delivery. This cutting-edge technology has demonstrated consistent and clinically proven results in both healthy and diseased states.

“We are thrilled to incorporate a clinically superior and gold-standard gastrointestinal coating technology into our research and development platform,” says Andrew Noh, COO at Finch.

“This long-term partnership between Finch and Intract strengthens our ability to lead the industry in the development of therapeutics for microbiome-mediated diseases.”

“Finch’s innovative discovery platform presents an exciting new frontier in scientific research and represents a significant step in the development of microbial therapeutic products. We are delighted that Phloral will contribute to making these safer, more effective, and better suited to patient needs.” says Bill Lindsay, CEO at Intract.

The Phloral technology will enable the first-in-human discovery approach at Finch. "Phloral is an exciting technology for our research into the microbiome because it enables oral delivery of communities with the same precise targeting as traditional but less convenient colonoscopic delivery,” says Dean Glettig, Director of Product Development at Finch.

About Intract

Intract Pharma is a licensing and product development company offering state-of-art oral drug delivery formulation technologies and specialist gastrointestinal models to develop advanced new therapeutics. Intract is a spin-out from University College London (UCL) and has exclusive licence to oral delivery technologies developed by Professor Abdul Basit of the UCL School of Pharmacy and owned by UCL.

About Finch

Finch develops microbiome-based therapies via its human-first discovery platform. Discovery and product design begins with clinical proof of concept data in humans. Instead of relying on in vitro screening of a library of isolates, Finch mines molecular data collected from human interventional studies. Proprietary machine learning techniques enable Finch to build a clinically annotated library of strains that drive clinical phenotypes of interest.


For Finch Therapeutics
Andrew Noh, COO
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For Intract Pharma
Bill Lindsay, CEO
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