Our mission is to harness the microbiome to transform human health. 


We work with urgency and tenacity to serve patients.

We strive for transparent collaboration and continuous improvement. 

We seek truth and question dogma.


Finch Therapeutics Group is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing and delivering innovative microbial therapies.

Finch is a different breed of biotech. Built by combining two leading microbiome companies – Finch Therapeutics and Crestovo – our company is led by data-driven, mission-oriented innovators and experts in the biotech field who are driven to advance the foundational clinical work of microbiome pioneers to the benefit of patients.

Our technical approach marries traditional drug development techniques a unique human-first discovery platform and pursues both Full-Spectrum Microbiota™ and Rationally-Selected Microbiota™ products.

Beyond the power of our unique scientific approach, we believe our culture and values are also a source of great strength. We are motived by patients and led by scientists, which has helped us build the deeply talented, truth-seeking team that will drive our future success.

Why Finch?

Finch is named after Darwin’s finches for their role in opening the door to the evolutionary theory behind the algorithms that power our discovery engine.