Our mission is to harness the microbiome to transform human health. 


We work with urgency and tenacity to serve patients.

We strive for transparent collaboration and continuous improvement. 

We seek truth and question dogma.


Finch Therapeutics Group, Inc. (Finch) is a clinical-stage microbiome therapeutics company dedicated to developing novel microbial therapies to serve patients with serious unmet medical needs.

Built on 30 years of translational research at OpenBiome, MIT, University of Minnesota, the Center for Digestive Diseases, and Crestovo, Finch uses its unique Human-First Discovery approach to develop therapies from microbes that have demonstrated clinically significant impacts on patient outcomes.

Finch is unique in having both a donor-derived Full-Spectrum Microbiota (FSM) product platform and a Rationally-Selected Microbiota (RSM) product platform based on microbes grown in pure culture, as well as deep operational experience running the largest stool donation program in the world and manufacturing approximately 1,000 microbial treatments per month.

Beyond the power of our unique scientific approach, we believe our culture and values are a great source of strength as we strive to serve ever more patients with this new field of medicine

Why Finch?

Finch is named after Darwin’s finches for their role in opening the door to the evolutionary theory behind the algorithms that power our discovery engine.