Our mission is to harness the therapeutic potential of the microbiome to reverse the epidemic of diseases linked to microbial dysbiosis.


We exist to serve patients and we act with urgency because we believe that life-changing cures are within our reach.

We strive for transparency, integrity, and reliability as teammates and collaborators.

We aim to foster innovation by embracing diversity, knowing that solving the challenges ahead depends on effective multi-disciplinary integration.

We work with humility, understanding that we have so much to learn in this new field of medicine and that no one holds a monopoly on truth.


Finch is a different breed of biotech. Founded by a team of scientists from MIT and OpenBiome, we are data-driven and mission-oriented.

Our technical approach marries traditional drug development techniques with the tools for human-first discovery that this field uniquely enables. Bringing clinical proof of concept data to bear on program initiation and product design is unusual and — we believe — extraordinarily valuable, because this unique capability retires risk early and shortens our development timelines.

Beyond the power of our unique scientific approach, we believe our culture and values are also a source of great strength. We are motived by patients and led by scientists, which has helped us build the deeply talented, truth-seeking team that will drive our future success.

Why Finch?

Finch is named after Darwin’s finches for their role in opening the door to the evolutionary theory behind the algorithms that power our discovery engine.